The Parent Party is a platform for parents, guardians, and citizens supportive of educational freedom to join together in promoting candidates at all levels of elected office in the United States that support the empowerment of parents in the education system.

Candidates supported by the Parent Party recognize that parents, not administrators or bureaucrats, know what form of education works best for their children, and as such should be entrusted to choose the education that best fits their needs.

Central to our platform is the belief that no child’s future should be determined simply by their zip code, socioeconomic status, or disability. All children in this country are born equal, and as such, all children should have the right to a quality education regardless of the circumstances of their birth.



About Us

The Parent Party believes that the current state of the American education system is failing our children.

Rampant corruption and lack of transparency in educational bureaucracies take away the ability of parents to do the best they can for their children. Teachers unions acting in self-interest at the expense of students leave children without any true advocates within the system. A broken system of traditional public school zoning forces students to enroll in failing schools that don’t fit their needs.

Parents want to ensure that not only are their children receiving the best education possible, but also that they will leave their schooling with the tools needed to be successful in the future. The current state of American education deprives parents of this right. The time has come to liberate millions of children and provide parents with real, substantial choices in their children’s education.

In order to create real change in the American education system, the Parent Party believes in expanding access to freedom of choice in education to everyone – regardless of locality, economic means, or disability. The Parent Party also supports policies to ensure that our communities remain safe and that accountability is maintained for our elected officeholders at all levels of government.

The Parent Party identifies as a non-partisan platform. We support a dialogue of transparency and public oversight of elected officials. Everything that we stand for supports our core tenet of creating educational freedom for our children. Putting education back into the hands of parents and students will allow our education system to truly serve those it was meant to. The Parent Party is founded in the ideology that

“sunlight is the best disinfectant.”