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Parent Party Petition Portal

The Parent Party needs the help of any and all registered voters to get our candidates for NYS Senate and Congress on the ballot.   New York requires at least 3,500 petition signatures for these races:

You can find out where you are registered to vote, and which districts you live in, by using the NYS Voter Registration Search

There are several ways you can help this effort:

  1. Print out a petition form for your local candidate and have your family and neighbors sign and mail it back. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT AT-HOME INSTRUCTIONS AND PETITIONS:


  1. Forward this webpage to your friends and family who live in New York and ask them to participate via email or post it on social media.


  1. Volunteer to participate in local petition efforts by filling out the Volunteer form below.


If you plan to volunteer in our local petition efforts please read the read 2022 Petitioning Guide (CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE GUIDE). It contains all information on petitioning, including tips to help you be more successful.

Once you have reviewed the 2022 Petitioning Guide, please print the petition for your neighborhood from below and get together with some friends or family to empower parents to take back control of their child’s education, empower citizens to take back control our of democracy by enacting term limits for all elected offices and support local law enforcement to take back control of our streets


While petitions can be collected and reviewed locally, all petitions will need to ultimately be sent to our Statewide Petition Collector:

Vincent Hriskonich
Parent Party of New York
300 East 95th Street
Suite 128
New York, NY 10128
Email: Vincent@ParentParty.com
Phone: (309) PARENTS / (309) 727-3687

General Information On Petitioning

·         Timeline: Petitions must be signed, collected, received and submitted to the New York State Board of Elections immediately. You must get your petition sheets to our Petition Collector so we can prepare the petitions to be submitted. If you are mailing them, please send them priority mail with a tracking number so they are received timely!

·         Eligibility: Any registered New York State voter can sign, for Candidates where you live. Any US citizen over 18 years of age can witness our petition in any district. (Registered voters sign Statement 1, others Statement 2) However you cannot sign and witness for the same petition. Have a friend witness the petition you sign (and give them a printed copy so they can collect signatures as well).

·         Important note: You and those who sign the petitions need to use the address in which they are registered to vote. You can find out where you are registered to vote, and which districts you live in, by using the NYS Voter Registration Search. Please note the RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS, TOWN and COUNTY where you are registered to vote. You will need to fill these in for the Witness Statement at the bottom of your petition sheet. You fill this part out after each sheet is full of signatures. If you put your village, hamlet, or postal address instead of your town, the entire sheet will be invalid under New York’s arcane petitioning rules. Check to be sure!